Light the Night

The over-candling for the table add a dramatic flavor and a warm glow. Opt for battery-powered candles for outdoors as they won’t be snuffed by the evening summer breeze.

Define a zone in an open space

‘I’m a big fan of strung bulb lighting as a way of framing an open outdoor entertaining space‘, says Shannon, who likes to use lights to create a ‘ceiling’. String lighting is available in a wide variety of styles – festoon (above) and lanterns for starters – and is also versatile, easy to move around and often reasonably priced. Pair lights with an outdoor rug to create a truly cosy space or hang string lighting to set the perimeter for a whimsical dance floor.


“Think about applying layers of light ambient, accent and task.” – Joe Snell.

Go for bright in food prep areas

Job lighting key in areas where you prepare and cook food. Light needs to be powerful and sharp to cut through the smoke and the steam. Downlights are fitted directly above and beside the BBQ in the alfresco dining allowing the light to hit the preparation and cooking surfaces.

Highlight hardscaping

Lighting mounted to the underside of floating hard structures such as decking stairs or a barbecue bench. They emit a warm glow that amplifies the hovering nature of the design. They also prevent guests and hosts, from tripping over in the dark.

Light up trees and feature plants

Light garden beds – is a lovely way to incorporate dappled light outdoors. Hallways down the side of a house frequently provide excellent creative chances on hedges and creeping vines, and in-earth spotlights for sculptural plants.

Aggentuate with cheerful lights year-round

Fairy lights provide a celebratory feel all year long and are semi-permanent, party-approved options for highlighting entertaining areas pathways and decking. They give the ambience and sparkle of the festive season while still having a contemporary edge.

“Your garden should be a calming space that draws you out, and lighting can create this effect.” – Brett Robinson.

Wrap trees in a shiny festive glow

Wrapping the trunk or branches of one or more trees with fairy lights elevates your party atmosphere to spectacular. LED mini-lights highlight and accent the natural symmetry of the tree without overwhelming it. Add a bohemian twist to feature trees by suspending a series of glowing lanterns from a low branch.


Find the perfect pendant

A pendant hung above a table helps define and frame the space much like in an interior dining room. As you would indoors, lock for a lamp that will cast bright bat gentle illumination across the table, and ensure ii is positioned at a height that won’t get in the way when guests are seated.


Give the pool resort style

Well-positioned uplighting in the pool area will highlight the soothing motion and colour of the water. Place in-ground lights around the pool that shine into the branches of nearby trees to give them a sculptural quality. Illuminated trees in this Art in Green garden (above) give a luxe holiday feel and make space appear larger.

Choose laid-back lighting for your lounge area

The cardinal rule for lighting outdoor living zones – No downlights! These spaces should be loosening and do not want much light – definitely not harsh task lights. Instead, opt for uplighting on walls and posts. So long as these are fine materials then the light will be diffused and wonderful. Table lamps and wall sconces are other alternatives that are trendy.evening light

The right white

Before splurging on Christmas lights, check the colour on the box. There is a massive difference between cool white and warm white. Warm white light is inviting and calming – it has Christmas written all over it. Cool white, on the other hand, can feel clinical and harsh.

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