Weekend Decorating

It is the season for whimsical wreaths that add hits of holiday style to your home.


A ring of everlasting foliage, clipped from birch bark sheets, makes a pretty perch for ornamental cardinals.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Foam core board, birch bark sheets, leaf stencils, ornamental cardinals.

HOW-TO: Cut an 18‘-diam. x 2’- w. ring out of foam core.

Print out or draw two leaf stencils. Track approx. 75 leaves onto 20 sheets of birch bark and cut out leaves with a utility knife. Cover foam core with bark patches and hot-glue in place. Arrange leaves in multiple layers on foam core until fully covered and hot-glue in place. Prop edges on the top layer of leaves with bits of foam core to give them a multidimensional effect. Attach ornamental cardinals with hot glue to finish.


This festive ‘chandelier’ adds a striking focal point over a cupboard table.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Cedar garland, satin ribbon, ceiling hook .

HOW-TO: Tie three strands of ribbon about 61/2 each in length at equal distances around a 16’ cedar wreath.

Repeat step using 24’garland and three strands of ribbon about 31/4 each in length. Gather all three strands of ribbon on the 16’ garland to the centre and knot them together about 12’ above. Set the 16’ garland on a table and hover the 24’ wreath about 12′ above. Feed the longer tatters through the centre of the 16’ garland. Knot all six ribbons together about 24’ above the 24’ wreath and hang the “chandelier” from a ceiling hook.


I miniature landscape set on a moss chaplet reminds us there’s no better place to be for the holidays.

Wedding Flowers

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Foam garland form, reindeer moss, ornaments, velvet ribbon.

HOW-TO: Cover a 16′-diam, Styrofoam chaplet with light green reindeer moss and hot-glue in place. Place a small glittery house ornament and three mini bottle brush trees in the inner bottom curve and hot glue in place. Tie a 4′-w ribbon at the top to finish.


Go beyond evergreen and bows with a rustic offset wreath that’s beautifully

WHAT YOU’LL NEED:  Grapevine wreath, princess pine boughs, pinecones.

HOW-TO: Arrange pine boughs around one side of an 18′-diam grapevine wreath. Wedge wedding bough ends into wreath slightly and hot-glue in the piece. Cluster pinecones at one end and hot-glue in place. Add a few more pine boughs to the other side of the pinecone duster and hot-glue in place.


Presents don’t just belong under the tree -layers of small gift-wrapped boxes make a playful wreath that’s ideal for hanging on a child’s bedroom door.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Foamcore board, boxes in assorted sizes, wrapping paper, tatter.

HOW-TO: Arrange boxes into your desired shape. Snap a picture to use as your guide before securing in place. Cut a 12’-diam x 1’-w ring out of foam core. Wrap boxes in coordinating paper and ribbon. Secure wrapped boxes to foam ring with hot glue, starting from the bottom layer and working up.


Grapevine branches wrapped in twinkling lights add subtle sparkle to a cosy corner.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Grapevine wreath, battery-operated lights, floral wire.

HOW-TO: Wrap a 30’diam grapevine wreath with Christmas lights, weaving in between the vines as you work your way around. Tuck the battery pack on the back of the wreath and secure it in place with floral wire.



Corral lightweight branches in a tall glass vase to make a gift tree. Here are three ways to make this work for you:


Fill 24 envelopes with little treats, then let family members select one to share each day leading up to Christmas morning.


Make sure there’s one envelope for each guest. Fill with candies, or a custom tea blend or spice rub.


Hang some small decorations amongst the bags, which don’t must incorporate any gifts within this program. (Just stuff them with cotton balls or muscle so they seem total.) Spot presents around the vase’s foot and on the floor under the stand, if necessary.

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