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How do you downplay the role of a television in a room? Here, decorating expert Rose-Marie Hillier shares her tips.

If your TV sits on a stand, try and angle it away in the main traffic place: use the display to define a specific viewing- only place within the room. Designate some seating only for viewing and spot other chairs away from this place to help you relax and have a cocktail or a dialogue without being forced to stare at the box. Alternatively, if your display is wall mounted, treat it as an art; marry the style and shape with framed artworks of a brighter, more fearless nature to ensure they take centre stage and cause the TV to visually vanish on the wall.

tv room

Another trick is to conceal the screen behind a sliding panel that is incorporated into built-in total-height storage.

Pull it across to hide the television, then, when you want to watch it, simply slide the panel back to reveal the screen. Pop-up or drop-down screens or projection units are other discreet avenues to explore. Enlist the help of a friendly carpenter.

Interiors expert Rose-Marie Hillier advises on colours that sing with sepia-toned floors.

Question: I’m installing bamboo floors in Sepia, which is quite a dark colour with warm highlights. I was planning to paint the walls Dulux Antique White USA but I wonder if some other colour or a deeper tone would work better?

sepia flooring

Answer:  A sepia-toned bamboo floor has wow factor indeed – it is lustrous and chocolatey and a beautiful choice if you are going for a neutral scheme. I would rethink the paint colour choice, however. A cleaner, fresher white such as Dulux Natural White will complement your floor, but if you feel that this creates too intense a contrast between walls and floor, you could opt for some colour on the walls with white on the ceiling and trims. Muted blues with a warm base such as Dulux Template Quarter, Murobond Paint’s Aqua and Sea Salt, or soft, citrusy greens such as Dulux New Hope half, Murobond Paint’s Bonsai and Lettuce Green will work very nicely with the sepia tones of the floor. If you prefer a neutral appearance, another option would be to paint the walls in Dulux Sandy Day or Nut Milk, but again use white for trims and ceilings. Recall, so a thing that needs to be addressed is the complete level of lighting shadows are created by dark floors. Ensure there’s mood lighting as well as good general lighting.


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