Filter Systems and Cartridges for Spa And Above Ground Pools

Do you remember the last time you replaced your spa filter? In general, you should change your spa filter at least once a year. Spa filters accumulate large amounts of dirt, debris, insect material and even fungi, and a dirty filter can impact not only the appearance of the water, but it creates a toxic environment. If you wait too long to change your spa filter or saltwater system for above ground pools, the cartridge or sand may become clogged, inhibiting your filter’s ability to do its job. But it’s not just a matter of dirt accumulation. Eventually, overused spa filters can cause damage to the spa pump system, which is very expensive to replace.

So by replacing your filter, you can save a lot of money on replacement spa parts. Check your spa filter and cartridges at least once a month to ensure that everything is in working order. Spa filters and cartridges are inexpensive to replace when compared to the cost of damage control, and they help to keep the system moving.


Regular filter replacement is essential to the health of your spa, but if you want to ensure that your existing filter works flawlessly for as long as possible, remember to clean it often.

To clean a pool sand filter, you simply need to backwash it. Backwashing involves running the filter in reverse, disposing of all the dirty water, dirt and debris that have collected during the filtration process. Your sand filter will contain a backwashing setting, so just follow the instructions in your manual to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the cleaning.


To clean a cartridge filter, remove the pump filter assembly and use a hose to wash away the dirt and grime. While the process is slightly more manual than sand filter cleaning, it’s still a quick and simple procedure, and will keep your cartridge filter functioning at maximum capacity.

Spa Accessories

Hot tub accessories are the little items that can be overlooked, but can make your spa time an even more enjoyable experience. There is a wide variety of spa accessories ranges from the practical, like thermometers, to the quirky, like floating lights.

Many hot tub accessories are great for spa parties or any event where you have guests over. For instance, start a conversation and always know the exact temperature of your spa with a spa thermometer that doubles as a bath buddy. You can choose between a rubber duck, shark and dolphin, frog and even polar bears. However, if floating animals aren’t your thing, you can choose between more traditional thermometers as well.

The traditional rule has always been, “No snacks in the pool!”, but it’s easy to keep your snacks at hand without contaminating your spa, as long as you have a handy spa table. A spa table can prevent food from clogging your filter, and it can keep your snacks from getting soggy. Another handy choice in our array of spa accessories is the towel bar from Leisure Concepts. It can be annoying to have to exit the spa and scramble for a towel, but the easily installed towel bar keeps the towel close at hand, without falling into the water.

Accessories can help make your spa convenient and easy to use, whether it’s a floating thermometer or a spa light to help you navigate your way at night. Some hot tub accessories are great for parties, including the Poolmaster Floating AM/FM Radio and our floating colored lights. Others are more practical, but just as important to having the best possible spa experience, such as oil and lotion absorbers.

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