How To Use Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

Hedge trimmers are great tools to maintain your beautiful landscape. Different trimmers are used for different purpose. If you have serious hedge problem or need a bigger hedge trimmer, Gas powered hedge hammer might be the right equipment for you. Since the savvy world makes your life easier, and electric or battery operated trimmer is easier to use. Because of that, gas powered hedge trimmers became harder for you. The gas powered trimmer is like electric hedge trimmer with heavier and can be harder to handle. It usually used for heavy-duty trimmings like wood and wall hedges because of his bigger teeth and more power than the rest. So, what is the proper way of using a gas powered hammer?

Before anything else, let’s be safe first.

-Wear protective clothing. Your garden might be a wonderful place but, once you start trimming, debris from the grass or even small pebbles can hurt you. So wear a visor and goggles when cleaning your yard. Don’t forget to use gardening gloves as well to prevent blisters in your hand.

-Check the grounds. Like I’ve said your garden might be full of small objects that can harm you or your family. Before you start trimming, inspect the surroundings for broken glass, small stones that can cause injury.


-Be careful of cables. If you are using lights in your garden or the cable of your own trimmer, be careful with that. You might not notice it and you will damage your things or worse create a fire

-Avoid windows and cars. Since you won’t be sure of what’s in the ground, you need to be careful of hitting one’s car or window while cleaning.

After the precautionary measure in your garden, let’s learn how to make fuel for your gas trimmer.

Gas trimmers usually have two-stroke engines which don’t have oil lubricators. Before filling your trimmer with gas mixed the lubricating oil with gas before filling the tank. The ratio of oil to a 2 stroke gas is 1:50. You can buy a small bottle of stroke oil which is sufficient enough for your gas trimmer.

Gas trimmers have nylon strings on its body which you pull to turn it on. When you turn it on, wait for the sound of the engine to slow down before putting it to the vegetation ground. Gas hammers are usually heavier and louder that the others that’s why you need to have sensitive ears. When you are using a gas trimmer, you should avoid the contact of line and trimmer.

When you are cutting, angle the trimmer so the cutting head is not rubbing to the ground and that the blade edge is not on the ground. Adjust the distance of the head from the ground so that it is not rubbing the ground in full extent.

Using gas hedge trimmer is quite challenging, but with the right equipment and technique, you will master it in no time. Maintaining a garden is a good hobby to relax and unwind from the busy world. Don’t forget that proper maintaining of things makes it last longer.


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