Points To Remember When Decorating A Loft. Houzz Recommendation.

If you have added a loft to your home recently, here’s some advice on how to furnish it in a space-saving way. Whether you are renting it out to a tenant or using it for a family member, the space should be wisely utilized. With some thought, the new loft can be a functional, attractive and cozy area. There are a lot of blogs like Houzz that could help you to decorate your space with the useful items.


The first item to deal with is the bed. Because most lofts are on the small side, a loft bed with desk is a great idea. This type of bed comes in different sizes, so if a child is going to use it, you can get a small size. However, bear in mind that he or she will grow and, after a while, the bed will be too small. So it would be better to purchase an adult size.


These desk and bed combinations are most commonly made of wood, but you can get metal ones. Whether it’s metal or wood, you can paint it in any color to match the loft’s decor. You could also have the bed custom-made by a carpenter. This option is really practical because it can be made to fit perfectly in its space.

If the loft is going to be used by an adult, you will have to provide a dining room furniture set. Again, space is the major priority so it would be practical to find a table that can be utilized for other purposes. It could serve as an extra desk or used as an ironing board. Choose fold-up dining chairs that can be tucked away after use.

If your loft is not too cramped, you might want to buy a full dining room table set. You can buy sets that are specifically made for lofts. When first looking at these, they look neat and compact. On closer inspection, you will see that the top section of the table extends out to almost double the size. This means that having a dinner party is possible.

Storage is always a dilemma in a loft. This can easily be overcome by placing all clutter in nice-looking receptacles. Wire baskets that come in all colors are ideal for this. Stack them up one on top of the other and storage problems are solved. Any other bits and pieces can be put under the bed or behind other furniture.

To get the most from the loft space, put the furniture along the walls. This will immediately make the loft look more spacious. Position attractive mirrors in strategic places to further increase this effect. Decor in a loft should be clean, sleek and simple. Include a few interesting ornaments or art works to give it character.

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