How To Buy The Best Hand Blender

A blender is the assistant who can provide you with fruit and vegetable smoothies, cream soups, sorbets, mousses, minced meat, whipped cream, ground coffee and crushed ice. In this article we will tell you how to choose a blender for your home and which device is best for you – stationary or submersible.

How to Select a Hand Blender

Test av bästa blenders och mixers


In fact, the best blender is the one that best suits your needs. Let’s look at each type in turn. Submersible blenders consist of a plastic or metal “handle” with an internal motor and a rotating nozzle (there may be several). Grinds, mixes and whips a submersible blender in any container (yours or the one that comes with the device).


  • compactness, mobility, the ability to process small portions, the ability to independently change the position of the knife (unlike stationary models), versatility due to the presence of nozzles for various purposes. It turns out that one submersible blender can replace a food processor, coffee grinder, meat grinder, mixer, mashed potato crusher, etc.


  • you need to hold the submersible blender (however, it is not so difficult, since the device works quickly); if handled improperly, the contents of the container may splatter.
  • Who should choose a hand blender: those who prepare cocktails / soups most often from soft vegetables / fruits / berries, those who often need to prepare small portions (for example, fresh baby food for a child), owners of small kitchens.

Ease of use and ease of cleaning

Wilfa-BL-1200 bäst i testConvenience when using a hand blender depends on several factors. This is the weight of the body of the device, and the material of the capture zone (the hand should not slip) and the successful location of the controls … When choosing a blender, it is best to go to a store that allows you to hold it in your hands and try it in work. Thus, you can understand how comfortable this or that model will be for you personally.

Dealing with the simplicity of cleaning will not be so simple: it will not always be possible to predict how convenient it will be to wash numerous accessories from contaminants, and if there will be no inaccessible places in them, from where product residues will have to be removed using improvised means such as brushes and toothpicks.


Getting to the choice of a submersible blender, you need to decide on a number of fairly obvious parameters, which depend on how successful your purchase will be.

  • blender power
  • availability of additional accessories
  • easy care

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