Why I love my bedroom

I’m a work-at-home mom with three young children, so I get very little time to myself during the course of the average day.

It’s important to me that the time that I do have is of the highest quality, which is why I’ve made my bedroom into my own private sanctuary.

Piles of toys, unsupervised household pets and any sort of unwanted fuss or noise are all banished from my bedroom with a very iron hand.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when we all pile onto my bed on a snowy Saturday morning and watch cartoons together, or that my favorite cat doesn’t sun herself on my windowsill at times. It does mean, however, that my bedroom is not a free-for-all where the children and pets have a free reign to run rampant any time they please, scratch up the bedroom furniture and inflict all manner of clutter with wild abandon.

Here’s why I LOVE my bedroom…

I not only sleep in my bedroom, I work there as well

As a freelance writer, I need a place to work where everyday household distractions aren’t constantly intruding on my train of thought. I do most of my work while the children are napping, in preschool or when my husband is home from his job. This arrangement not only gives my husband time with the children, but it enables me to earn a good living without having to schlep to an office on a daily basis.My workspace needs to be clean, organized and as child-free as possible.

The computer that I use for my writing is completely off-limits to everyone in the household, including my husband. I learned the hard way that this has to be a non-negotiable rule after a project that I’d been working on for over a week was inadvertently erased from my documents by a curious child who though it was fun to push all the little buttons and see what happened.

My keyboard also fell victim to spilled cups of juice and the like several times before I implemented the banishment of certain objects and activities from the room.

My bedroom is also my “Green Space”

Having grown up in the country, I sometimes find living in an urban flat leaves me longing for green spaces. We don’t even have the tiniest spot for a garden here, though, so we remodeled last year with indoor gardening in mind.

My bedroom now has a huge bay window with a deep window sills and a southern exposure. I grow a variety of houseplants here as well as several culinary herbs to use in meal preparation, and find that this dos much to satisfy my craving for having green, growing things close by.

It’s a place to keep treasured objects safe from little hands

My grandparents left me several quality pieces of antique furniture, and I’d like to preserve those for my own children to enjoy when they’re adults. That’s why I keep them in my bedroom, where they are far less likely to become damaged by the activities of busy little hands than they would be in other parts of the house.

The pieces fit in well with the bedroom furniture that I bought last year from after we remodeled, and they remind me of the pleasant times that I spent at the country home of my grandparents when I was a child.

The importance of your own private space

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom or a busy corporate employee, your own personal sanctuary is important to your well-being. You’ll be a better parent, better employee and a happier spouse if you’ve got a private space of your very own. Try it out!

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