Hedge Trimmer Buying Guide – How to choose?

For summer residents, who dream of decorating their plots with hedges, one can not do without a special tool. After all, the bushes have to be cut, otherwise they will lose an effective shape. Secateur in this kind of work will be useless, since he cuts one branch. And in the hedges it is important to grab the strip right away to create geometric shapes and shorten the cutting time. Therefore, to care for the hedges invented a special tool – hedge trimmer. They are available in several modifications: manual and automatic. Consider how profitable each type of tool is and what is safer – electric or gasoline brush brush.

Scissors-hedge trimmer: you have to work with your hands

Scissors-hedge trimmer is an advanced model of the pruner. In the tool, knives are extended and handles are extended so that it is more convenient to apply physical efforts.

On average, the total length of the instrument is about half a meter, of which 20-25 cm are on the cutting part. It is convenient for such hedge trimmers to work on hedges of low height and with thin branches, because the cutting takes place due to the physical efforts of the gardener. If there is only one or several hedges on the plot, but small in size, then such hand scissors are sufficient to keep the shrubs in their proper form. But on thick branches, long or high-hedge this tool is not good. Hands will start to get tired at a hairstyle, and to work on the extended arms or hand, applying efforts, it is not so convenient.

The best models show themselves in the work of a model in which handles are reinforced with rubber pads. Hands do not slip when working, and the quality of the haircut is higher.

Shavings: varieties and features of the mechanism


Models of motorcycle cutters for hedges are primarily attracted by the fact that many physical efforts are not wasted while working. The technique cuts all by itself, and from the gardener only competent management and adjustment of a course is required.

Depending on the type of motor, all automatic gas powered hedge trimmers are divided into gasoline and electric, the latter can be operated from the network and from the battery. The features of each work we will analyze below, but for now consider the type of cutting tool.

Branches of hedges of hedge trimmers are cut with the help of blades. The longer it is, the larger the grip, and less time for a haircut. In addition, they are easier to reach the tops of plants. But excessive length (over 40 cm) is also unprofitable. Such instruments are quite heavy and vibrate more strongly. They are worth buying only for very long hedges, in order to shorten the cutting time.

Electric hedge trimmer: cordless or battery?

Electric models of hedge trimmers are valued for ease of maintenance. Do not pour gasoline, check the oil level. It is enough to plug into the socket and you can cut it. These models are less powerful than gasoline ones, but much lighter and cleaner (do not emit exhaust fumes). In addition, the cost of hedge trimmer 2-3 times lower than that of units running on gasoline.

Choose an electric hedge trimmer taking into account the total volume of the fence and its location on the site. If the plants are not more than 30 m from the mains, network tools are suitable, because the length of their cord is usually limited to 30 meters. For longer distances, an extension cord is required. And yet this option is considered the most insecure, because there is always the possibility of contact with an electric current. The unit can accidentally slip out of inexperienced hands and hook on the cable. Often in the wires tangled feet. Yes, and in wet weather, work with a hedge trimmer is prohibited.